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[FIC] Life Puzzle ~ Chapter 4

Title: Life Puzzle
Author: violentpinkie
Rating: PG-13 (NC-17 in some chapters)
Beta: jennho30
Length: 4/15+epilogue
Pairing: YunJae
Genre: drama, angst, humor
Summary: Yunho was a 12th years old homeless and orphan boy. He wandered everywhere with careless and met a certain boy named Jaejoong who treated him so kindly. Love was blooming in Yunho's heart before they separated. Years passed and Yunho met Jaejoong again in another circumstances. Yunho was now a successful mafia leader while Jaejoong was a police officer who tried to find his father killer.

♡Prologue♡ // ♡Chapter 1♡ // ♡Chapter 2a♡ // ♡Chapter 2b♡ // ♡Chapter 3a♡ // ♡Chapter 3b♡


..::CHAPTER 4::..

"Yunnie Hyung! Yunnie Hyung! Take a look! Take a look!" Little Jaejoong yelled and jumped around Yunho.

"What is it?" Asked Yunho as he tried to sound curious while laughing hard at Jaejooong’s excitement.

"I got an A for my math test! I got an A!!! Yay! Yay! Yay! I got an A!"

Yunho laughed harder when he looked at Jaejoong’s happy expression. It was a rare but precious sight for him.

"Great! You're clever!" Said Yunho.

"I am!" Jaejoong grinned. He sat on the park's bench and took out a piece of paper from his teddy bear backpack. Yunho followed him and sat beside him.

"Look at it!" Jaejoong shoved the paper to Yunho. Yunho took it and grinned too.

"It's really an A! You're awesome, Joongie!"

"I am! I am!"

The couple giggled and smiled widely to each other.

"I can do better, beside it's not an A plus," said Changmin as he sat beside Yunho.

"Eh?" Jaejoong was shocked to hear that and his eyes got watery in a blink of eyes. Yunho looked at Jaejoong’s sudden changed expression and quickly turned around to face his brother and gave him a very scary and hard glare, Changmin just pouted.

"Joongie, listen to me... this is an excellent mark! Believe me!" Yunho told Jaejoong.

"But Minnie...,"

"He’s just jealous because you scored such a high mark. Just so you know, his expertise in Maths denotes on how many bananas he can devourer, or how much dishes he dreamt of eating in his living years"

"Hyung, I'm nine years old, for your information and I...,"

"Shut up,"

Again, Changmin pouted.

"So... What will Yunnie Hyung reward Joongie with?" Asked Jaejoong. He has forgotten about Changmin's remark instantly.


"Present! Present! Papa said he will give Joongie a new toy car if Joongie got an A,"

"Wow! Really? That's great!"

"So what will Yunnie Hyung give to Joongie?" Jaejoong eyes got sparkled as he talked.


"You don't have money, just say that," Changmin whispered.

"Err.. What does Joongie wants?" Asked Yunho, he hoped he is able to look for alternatives so that he could fulfill Jaejoong’s wishes.

"Joongie wanted a promise from Yunnie Hyung" Said Jaejoong enthusiastically. He beamed to Yunho.


"Promise me that Yunnie Hyung will always stay with Joongie. Because Joongie is happy to spent time with Yunnie Hyung,"

Yunho opened his eyes lazily. Joongie's voice was still ringing in his head. He yawned and rolled his body so that he could get up. He didn't know how many times he dreamt about his little friend this month. It just got more frequent now. He didn't know exactly why but he assumed he just missed Joongie too much.

Yunho got up and as he stretched his body, he walked to his drawer across the king sized bed. He opened the first drawer from the top and took a dull wooden box and a red car toy from it. He stared at the car toy lovingly before opening the wooden box and took out one of the rings. He smiled a little and put the ring back into the wooden box and put them all to the drawers before he shut and locked it.

"Hyung! Father is looking for you!" Someone shouted in front of his door. Yunho yawned again before started to walk to the bathroom. He would start his day soon.

"Tell him I'll meet him soon, Minnie," said Yunho as he chuckled. He got into the bathroom after he heard Changmin shouted.

"Stop calling me with that stupid name!"


Meanwhile at National Police Agency in Seoul……..

"A big illegal gun trade?"

"Yeah, the informant said it will be at 2 pm sharp today," Yoochun sipped his coffee after he sniffed its aroma. Youngwoong sighed as he sat in front of Yoochun desk and started to read the report about the illegal gun trade the informant furnished.

"What should I do?" Asked Youngwoong while he is still reading the report.

"Go with Siwon and bring two or three groups with you. I want you to catch at least one mafia from each group that is involved in this trade. We should cut away their connection in selling guns in Korea illegally. They won't dare to do any more illegal trade if we have enough evidence against them by catching their members. They don't want to create any problem or any mistake for fear that they will be jailed if they got caught."

"Yoochun-ssi, it's reported here that the mafia who are participating in this deal are the major mafia group in Korea. With such a large scale, I doubt we can handle with just Siwon and me," Yoochun just smiled and put his empty cup back on the table.

"I believe you can do this, Youngwoong- ssi," said Yoochun and he gestured Youngwoong to leave his office. Youngwoong just sighed and shook his head unbelievably.

"Tell me again why we can't contact headquarter to handle this?" he asked. This time Yoochun was the one who sighed.

"Youngwoong-ssi... I just asked you to bring me at least one mafia member of each mafia organizations that involved in this illegal trade. I don't expect you to catch all of them! And please bring me the evidences, like the guns perhaps" Yoochun explained.

"But sir...,"

"No but remember its 2pm sharp. I'll wait for your report this afternoon and please shut the door for me on your way out," Yoochun gestured Youngwoong to leave once again. Youngwoong rolled his eyes and bow down before he left the Superintendent office.

Youngwoong cursed Yoochun in his mind while on his way back to his own office. He wonders how Yoochun could be a Superintendent in his 29 years old. He never sees the man in action, not even handling a single case on his own, Youngwoong gritted his teeth.

"Youngwoong!" Someone called him. Youngwoong turned around and see Choi Siwon running towards him.

"Where have you been? Yoochun is being fussy again. He wants us to handle an illegal gun trade today," Youngwoong said as he gave Siwon the informant report. He could hear Siwon groaned.

"Oh, man! I was right. He called us to his office and nothing good will come out of it. I had just finished the investigation on some sexual assault cases and now this? Oh please...!" Siwon lightly hit his own head while Youngwoong just shrugged.

"If you want him to change his mind, just bring him Junsu," said Youngwoong and he started to walk again.

"As if! If he knows I touch his duck, I'll get fired instantly!" Siwon followed him while still read the report.

"Junsu isn't his, according to what Junsu said," Youngwoong chuckled.

"You mean not yet? Almost all the women in this Department are crazy over Yoochun. Someday Junsu will submit to Yoochun's charisma,"

"Oh My God! Don't tell me you wanted Yoochun like those woman did!"

"What? Hell! No! I'm straight as a ruler! Well, you are an exception though. I will willingly turned gay and give my first to you," Siwon winked.

"Gross," Youngwoong responded.

"Hey! I'm great in bed, you know,"

"If you talk about it again I will handle this case myself," Youngwoong turned to Siwon and gave him a scary look. Siwon just grinned. Youngwoong rolled his eyes and went back to his office. After he has ordered three groups to follow him, he started to think about the strategy. Siwon freaked out when he had finished reading the report and realized they were about to face some tough and ruthless mafia gangs.

"It's a huge case! How could we handle this!" He yelled.

"What we should think about now is how to capture the mafia members? They will surely be tipped off and run away if we just showed ourselves all of a sudden"

"True. Maybe Yoochun want us to trap them?" Siwon pointed.

"How? That place will be surrounded with mafia members. They might turn around and attack us if we are out-numbered since there are 5 groups of them," Youngwoong walked back and forth. He's cracking his brain for a brilliant idea. Siwon looked at his friend and then sighed. He couldn't think of any strategies.

"In this case, I would rather think of ideas or excuses so that we need not have to go to that place," Siwon said out of the blue. Youngwoong snapped from his own thoughts and he smirked with confidence.

"That's it! Let's go! We should prepare our game plan," Youngwoong said abruptly as he took his jacket and wore it on his way out.

"Wait! What?! Do you have any idea?" Yelled Siwon while he followed Youngwoong. Youngwoong didn't say anything. He ordered other groups to follow him while heading to the trading place.


Changmin stared at his own brother who talked on the phone for almost 15 minutes. He was on his duty, checking his patients condition, when one of the nurses told him his brother came looking for him.

"Okay. See you soon," Yunho ended before he shut his phone and sighed.

"What the hell is this, what are you doing here?" Asked Changmin.

"Hey! You're rude! I came all the way to meet you for lunch and this is what I got in return!" Yunho tried his best to sound cute.

"You're not, if you do, you shouldn’t be engaged on the phone for the last fucking fifteen minutes while I left all my patients to meet you" Changmin grabbed his white coat that he just took off a while ago.

"It was a client, I have a business to attend to after we have our lunch," Yunho said. He felt a little bit offended. Changmin frowned as he fixes his seat and stared at Yunho seriously.

"Tell me, hyung. Is it another illegal trade? What is it this time? Drug? Gun? People?" Changmin asked. His eyes stared straight to Yunho's eyes.

"Min, I always told you I never trade people," Yunho sighed.

"Never? Or not yet? Hyung, as I always told you too. I am really grateful that you and father have sent me to school so that I can fulfill my dream as a doctor. Isn't it enough hyung? I can support both of us pretty well now if you want to quit. You are playing with your life here, you may get killed someday," Changmin tried to persuade Yunho like always. Yunho sighed, the same conversation is repeating itself again.

"Min. This isn't about that. I told you many times before too. I should do this to reciprocate Mr. Lee's kindness,"

"Isn't it enough with us calling him father? He is just lonely, hyung. I know he won't mind if you say you want to quit from those dirty jobs and just concentrate on your job as the CEP of Jung corp. which you built four years ago. It's is legal and is a great company, hyung. You don't have to engage in illegal dealings anymore.”

"He is old, Min. This mafia organization was formed by his grandfather and he needs someone to take over," Yunho massage his own temple tiredly.

"He doesn’t have any children so this organization should end in his own hands, under his leadership," Changmin mocked.

"Jung Changmin! Watch your words! He's not married because he is scared that his beloved will be harmed! That's why he raised us like his own!" Yunho yelled.

"Exactly, hyung! He just uses you to do his jobs! He will abandon us if we did not obey his orders!" Changmin yelled back to Yunho.

"Jung Changmin! I warned you! If you dare to say that again then...,"

"Since you trusted him so much, if you propose to end the mafia organization I’m sure he will respect and accept your decision. I don’t understand what is holding you back, hyung," Changmin interrupted, Yunho became silent all of a sudden. He massaged his temple again.

"I love father like you do hyung. And I know he love us like we love him. I know father will agree to everything you say. Just simply said that you wanted to lead a normal life, do a normal job in Jung corp. I’m sure he'll agree to that," Changmin continued.

"You can't just quit being a mafia like that, it's much more complicated," said Yunho.

"I know that’s not the main reason, hyung. I knew exactly what’s on your mind."


"It’s Joongie isn’t? You wanted to take revenge on the mafia organization that killed Joongie and his family, right?" Changmin's words stabbed Yunho right in his heart. He couldn't respond anything. Changmin was right. He always gets haunted by the past.

"Joongie was dead, hyung. He was gone forever. He won't come and asked you to take revenge for him."

"You do not know how I feel." Yunho finally replied.

"Trust me, I do. Joongie is my first friend. He is the first friend I have made besides you. But that was in the past, hyung. I can't always stay in the past and ignore the present. You have us, hyung. It’s time for you to move on and continue with your life. You should work happily, get married, have two children, and lead a good life. Isn't that what life is all about?" Changmin eyes got watery as he talked.

"Please skip this, Min. I just...... can't do that," Yunho was getting tired of these conversations.

"Okay, but please think it over , hyung," Changmin said as he get up and wore his coat.

"Lunch?" Asked Yunho.

"I can't, hyung. My patients are waiting for me. I promised I'll have dinner at home. Father scolded me for spending too much time in hospital this morning," Changmin chuckled. He started to walk to the door.

"I wonder when our role has been exchanged. You sound like a hyung now more than me," Yunho smiled bitterly. Changmin beamed.

"If only you could call me hyung, I'll be the happiest person in the world," Changmin said while walking out to get back to his patients.


"Are you sure this will work?" Asked Siwon doubtfully.

"For the last fucking time, I’m not sure either! But we should try," Youngwoong said as he told his groups over their walkie talkie. He hid in the bushes about 10 meters away from the trade location. He could see some mafia members guarding the place.

"What is the strategy again?" Siwon asked again.

"This is the last time I’m repeating them so please pay full attention and listen carefully.”

"Got it,"

"Well, this place is a square and has a door at each side. The mafia members will be guarding both inside and outside. Since we are unable to go in, we should draw them out willingly. We will create an impression that we have the whole place surrounded. We will cause some commotion by deflating some of their cars’ tires in the front.

"And then?"

"We will make our presence felt by speaking through the loudspeakers. Group A and B will attack from different directions so that it seems like they have no where to escape”.

"And that will lead them to surrender?"

"Yeah! I believe those mafia who are guarding outside will run for their lives immediately and we can then corner those inside."

"What is this?" Siwon furrowed his eyebrows while looking at Youngwoong who shoved an arch to him.

"We will shoot the tires with arrows. I doubt we are able to approach the cars unnoticed. In order to catch them by surprise, we can’t use pistol which is loud so I thought this will be a better choice. Just be in minds the arrows should not be shot too close to those mafias." Youngwoong said as he lowered his body a bit more when more cars came and parked in front of the building. Siwon did the same.

They saw some people get out from the car and get into the building.

"Do you think one of them could be the mafia leader?" Whispered Siwon. Youngwoong shrugged. They waited until half of the group went inside the building while the other half stay put outside. Youngwoong aimed at one of the parked car. Siwon watched him nervously. The mafia members who were too busy with their own conversation didn't notice the arrow at all when Youngwoong shot one of his, hitting the tire. Slowly the tire deflated. Youngwoong let out a sign when none of the members noticed. Siwon did the same to the other car's tire. When they successfully deflated 4 car's tires, Youngwoong called for his group to get ready and stand in their position.

"Do you think they have started the trade?" Asked Youngwoong to Siwon.

"I guess so," Siwon replied.

Once the groups were all ready in their positions, Youngwoong signaled to group A to shout through the loudspeaker to announce their presence.

"You are being surrounded by police! Once again you're being surrounded by police! Surrender yourself! Get out from the building slowly with your hands up! Don't dare to oppose or run! Surrender yourself by the count of 3, three. Two. One." Upon hearing that, gunfire started to surface. The police started to retaliate by shooting back and that’s when the mafia members started to disperse from the crime scene and fled away.

"Keep shooting but make sure to leave an escape route for them," said Youngwoong via walkie talkie.

"Will our guys be alright?" Asked Siwon worriedly.

"I told them to wear bulletproof suit. Moreover they are hiding behind the police car so they should be fine," replied Youngwoong calmly as his eyes were fixed on some important mafia members who got into their car and started to drive off. The shootout from both sides continues. Gradually, the mafia members drove off and left the scene, leaving behind a few who are still fighting with the police.

"Listen guys, we will start to surround those whose car tires had been deflated. Repeat, we’ll only concentrate on those who are unable to escape due to their deflated tires and let the rest go." Youngwoong commanded through his walkie talkie.

"You are surrounded and there is no escape. Put your hands behind your head and walk out from the car slowly, throw all your weapons on the floor and face your car, now!" Having said that, the remaining mafias were apprehended in a swift action.

"Sir, there are six mafia members left," one officer of the group said.

"Thank you. Divide yourselves. Group A check inside the building. Look if there's any evidence we can bring back to the station. Group B contact headquarters to send us some vehicles to bring these filthy bastards back to office. Group C guards them here with me," Siwon said loudly. The groups started to do their assigned orders. Youngwoong handcuffed a mafia member and brought him away from car then shoved him to the ground. The other officers followed him.

"After this we'll be partying! Yay!" Shouted Siwon suddenly. Some officers laugh and nod their head as a form of agreement. Youngwoong just shook his head then sighed.

One hundred meters from the sight. A brunette man gritted his teeth when he saw two of his member got arrested. He looked through the binoculars when a blonde officer shoved his member harshly to the ground.

"He's the same man yesterday," said his accomplice.

"I know," said the man after he gave the binoculars to his accomplice.

"Then Yunho ssi, what should we do now?"

"Order our people in the police agency to supervise our people who get arrested. There is nothing we can do. Silence them if they try to spill our secrets" said Yunho then he got into his Mercedes.

"But how about the officer, sir?"

"We will get rid of him soon," Yunho answered as he put his right hand on his own chest as if it would calm his own heart down.


A/N: hi~ :) it was the first chapter in this series that got beta-ed!!! Yay! Thanks to jennho30!!! :) there's lack of Yunjae in this Chapter but I promise you a full of Yunjae moment in the next chap~ and I decided to locked the previous chapters. Just join the community :) yj_wings thank yoouuu *gives you yunjae cookies*


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